Heaven's Light

Heaven's Light Inspired Verse For The New Paradigm

                           Heaven's Light                                                          Inspired Verse For the New Paradigm


In the summer of 1992 my life was changed forever by a miracle and a gift I received from our Divine Source. After almost twenty years, I have been inspired to share this gift and my experience through Heaven's Light.

To view the story of how I received Heaven's Light, please click on Heaven's Light Book in the navigation bar and read the introduction. This will take you to the albums that contain the complete files for this book by clicking on photo gallery and choosing each album that contains the pages of the nine sections, one for each poem. You may click on each picture to enlarge the page for reading. You may also bring them up as a slideshow by clicking on view as a slideshow in the Photo Gallery Page. 

There is no charge for this form of sharing Heaven's Light. If you would like a hard copy of this book, go to web store or products and services in the navigation bar at the top of this page.


Nelda J. Ramey